What I learnt this week: Thursday 7th May 2015

Effort versus reward 

  • I love my new story, Search for Truth (good job, too, because if I don’t love it, readers don’t have a chance of even liking it). I’ve become hugely attached to Jim, the stubborn, determined, fiercely driven (and blindingly handsome) research president of Helix pharmaceuticals. And I so admire Tessa, the frankly spoken, fiery journalist who’s on a mission to discover whether Helix’s new cancer drug killed her mother. That being said, I’m now on my fourth read through in as many weeks, and, whisper it, I’d really rather be reading something else. I’m nearly there though. When I submit these line edits at the end of the week, I’ll only see the manuscript once more, at proof. After that, it’s up to my kind readers to take on the challenge of reading it – though you won’t be asked to wade through it more than once.
  • Over the last few days I’ve cooked roast chicken, cottage pie, butternut squash and chorizo pasta and sausage and mash. Yes, only the last meal on that list had my family licking their lips.
  • Teenagers studying for exams are even more monosyllabic than usual. They have my utter sympathy though. I may hate getting older, but I’d hate going back in time even more.
  • A few weeks ago I mentioned that it’s the plants in my garden that I have nothing to do with that thrive the most. First the cherry blossom put on a spectacular display for me. Now it’s the turn of the pink azalea to reward all my years of neglect with this stunning bloom.


Is there a message hidden in these rambling statements? Well, to my revising son, the message is clear. If you put the effort in, you should then reap the reward.

Alas we all know this isn’t always the case, as with my cooking. The meals I put most effort into, were the least appreciated. With the azalea it was the opposite. I put no effort in, yet am rewarded handsomely each year.

As for my book, only when it’s read by somebody other than me will I  know whether all the effort has been worthwhile.

Here’s to a rewarding summer, for all of us.


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