What I learnt this week: 14th May 2015

  • Teeth – you take them for granted, until they cause you pain. I’ve never experienced toothache before, but now that I have I don’t want to experience it ever again. Agony. Sadly it looks like I’ll have to because I’ve managed to crack my back tooth and though the dentist has tried to repair it, he thinks it will continue to cause me pain until it decides to shear off. My bathroom cabinet is fully stocked with painkillers and clove oil.
  • It’s amazing how a combination of pain and lack of sleep scramble the mind. And how, when you’re at a low ebb, life decides to take the piss and throw a few more hurdles your way. I get up after only a few hours sleep, thanks to the aforementioned toothache, to find the motor on the fish tank filter has burnt out, leaving the fish in a dirty, oxygen deprived tank. Scenes from Finding Nemo came to mind. Having rescued the fish and put them in a bucket (with some water, obviously) I set out to the nearest fish aquatic centre and it’s there, when paying for the new motor, that I promptly forgot the pin number on the card I’ve been using practically every day for the last 5 years. Thankfully I had some cash on me, but as days go, I’d probably had better ones. Regular readers of this blog will be delighted to know it wasn’t Googley’s tank that was affected. He was looking smugly down at them from his spotlessly clean, airy, penthouse (below photo). Considering how the other fish once bullied him, I daresay he even managed a small smile, though it’s hard to tell with a fish.

Googley tank2googley

  • The cricket season is back with a vengeance. Only others who sit in a windy field on a May evening to watch their children play cricket can possibly understand how bitterly cold it gets. Ignore the bright yellow sun – it will soon hide behind the trees or the pavilion, whichever it finds first. The wind though, that will continue to gust down your neck all evening.  Essential kit for cricket watching in May: gloves, scarf, two fleeces, boots, thick socks, padded jacket with hood, hat, flask. And if it looks like a lovely sunny evening – still take all these. You WILL need them 🙂

Cricket watching kit


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