What I’ve learnt this week: 24th April

  • A manuscript looks different when typset than in a word document. The typeset proof came in this week for Do Opposites Attract? My very last chance to change anything – gulp. As I’ve read it a zillion times now, I thought I wouldn’t want to change anything. Wrong. To be honest, I do find this the hardest part because I know it’s too late to alter big chunks and every sentence I read I start to doubt. Still, it is exciting to see the words looking like they will in a book. My heart actually started to race when I first started reading it  – no, I’m afraid it wasn’t because the beginning is so dramatic, but because it’s my first paperback.


  • Don’t travel to the coast on a sunny bank holiday. Obvious eh? You’d have thought so, but we’ve been lucky enough to be away the last two Easters so I must have forgotten the rules. We went to visit friends in Dorchester – through the car park that was the New Forest – and then, even worse, went on to Weymouth and Lyme Regis! The towns are beautiful in the sun though – below some photos of Lyme Regis. I didn’t take a picture of the traffic jams…

Lyme Regis harbourLyme Regis

  • April is too wet and cold to play cricket in England. The first cricket match of the season for the club my sons play at was today – and it’s already been called off.  The weather might be dry, but the ground is too wet. I can’t say I’m disappointed. As a cricket Mum I’ll be spending a lot of May and June huddled under blankets on windy fields. If I’m really unlucky, I’ll probably have to score, too…
  • It’s the time of year when every football match is important and therefore has to be watched. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t the team you support, apparently. They are all key matches. Democracy isn’t doing me any favours in my male dominated household. Thank goodness for my Kindle.

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