What I’ve learnt this week: 6th February 2014

During this last wet, miserable week, what have I learnt of any (however dubious) interest:

1)   The male species, young and old, will go into the fridge and grab the nearest milk/juice carton they can find. Not the one that’s already open.

2)   I’m still editing my next novel, Do Opposites Attract? When I wrote it, two years ago, I had this compulsion to change point of view at the drop of a hat. Now I have the fun (?!) of making reading it less like watching a tennis match.

3)   On the subject of my book, which is part based in a refuge camp, I had to do some research on cholera. I didn’t realise that if you catch it early enough, it is really easy to treat with simple rehydration.

4)   The amount of money you need to do any home improvement that involves getting a builder in is about 50% more than you actually have.

5)   Bangkok is the world’s most visited city in terms of international travellers – 16 million of them a year. More than London.  I’m hoping to be one of those 16 million later this year!


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