What I’ve learnt this week: 13th February 2014

Floods have dominated my week as I live near the Thames.

1)   Flood water is lazy and finds the lowest land to flood to. If you do consider buying a house near a river (in my case half a mile away), it might be wise to focus less on how pretty it is, and more on whether it is up hill. I never really realised my house was on a slight hill, until this week – and I’ve never been more grateful for it.

2)   The James Martin recipe for Yorkshire puddings really is fool proof.  I usually make Yorkshire ‘biscuits’, but after listening to James Martin on the Chris Evans radio show I decided to give his recipe a go. You see this picture? Well, that wasn’t mine – it was a LOT bigger and fluffier than that! What a shame I forgot to take a photo – it might never happen again.


3)   Jeremy Clarkson seems to be stalking me. My sons are obsessed by Top Gear so I see his face in my living room nearly ever night (thanks to the Dave channel). This week I opened my Pharmaceutical Journal (a rare event) only to find him in there, having taken a swipe at patient information leaflets. Of course if he looked like George Clooney, I wouldn’t be complaining.

4)   The State of Florida is bigger than England. It’s also warmer, sunnier and a lot less soggy.

5)   The next time I see my manuscript for Do Opposites Attract it will contain the line edits. That’s when my editor looks at timing, phrasing, flow and checking facts. After that it’s copy edits, which sorts out spelling, grammar and minor inconsistencies. If the manuscript is in good shape, these two stages are often combined. Umm, it will be interesting to see how mine is ‘shaping up’ then  🙂


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