What I’ve learnt this week (Jan 23rd)

1)  Researchers have found a new type of boredom – apathetic boredom.  Apparently it’s what teenagers suffer from which makes them flat and disengaged.  And there was me thinking that was called being a teenager.  Whatever 🙂

2)  Formula One drivers are super fit.  The hero of the book I’m currently writing is a racing driver, so I’ve been researching into this and it’s fascinating.  The physical endurance required to drive a race, under excessive cockpit heat (about 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature), is similar to that required to run a marathon.  They can sweat off up to 3kg of their weight!  Not only that, the upper half of their bodies, in particular their necks, have to be incredibly strong to be able to withstand the forces they experience on cornering (3.5 g).  It’s been said it’s similar to experiencing three to four car crashes every lap!  Sorry Jenson, I thought you just sat on your backside for 70 laps.  I’ll watch now with new respect.

3)  The Northern expression A bit black over Bill’s mother’s (it might rain) is a reference to William Shakespeare’s birthplace and the direction storms come in from.

4) Teenage boys don’t sort out their games bags – ever.  I don’t think they’ve figured out how the dirty kit makes its way into the wash and then back into their wardrobe.  In fact they probably curse each time they have to re-pack.

5) The edits for my first paperback book, Do Opposites Attract? are due to me this weekend.  If it’s anything like the edits I received for Too Charming, my first reaction will be how many pages??  So this time I’m going to take a deep breath before I open the attachment.

See you next week.  I hope.


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