What I learnt this week: 28th February 2019

Crikey a cover!

Last week I was able to share the title of my next book with you. Now I can officially share the cover, and the blurb.

I always get so excited when my publisher sends through a few examples of potential covers for the next book. Despite the fact that I’d signed the contract for it over a year ago, and began editing it early this year, it’s only when I see the covers that it all feels real. I’m going to have another book published. How incredible is that? With the excitement comes a flurry of nerves. Will readers enjoy it? The nerves are even greater this time because this book is slightly different to my previous books. A scientist and a bodyguard on the run, it’s a story I couldn’t just use my usual ‘wing’ it approach to writing. Okay, I did try, obviously, but it soon became horribly obvious (when my husband read the first draft and laughed in the places he wasn’t supposed to) that I needed to plot it out. Something that was way more complicated than I’d thought. And that’s before all the research needed for the science elements.

Having said all that, it’s also a book I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Pairing a brilliant ‘geeky’ scientist with a macho ex-soldier kept me thoroughly entertained. I can only hope it keeps the reader entertained, too…

So, here it is:

The blurb:

She’s got the brains, he’s got the muscle …

When Kelly Bridge’s parents insist on employing a bodyguard for her protection, she’s not happy. Okay, so maybe not every woman is on the cusp of developing a vaccine against a potential biological terrorist attack – but crikey, it’s not like she’s a celebrity!

Ben Jacobs flunked spectacularly out of school, so he knows his new client Dr Kelly Bridge spells trouble for him. But on a conference trip to Rome he finds things are worse than he thought. Not only is he falling for the brilliant scientist, he’s also become horribly aware she’s in grave danger. As they go on the run, dodging bullets and kidnappers, can he resist his feelings and keep her safe?

Crikey a bodyguard is currently available for pre-order, and is out on 23rd April.

That’s providing I get my last round of edits back in time. Crikey, better get on with them.



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