What I learnt this week: 7th January 2016

The magic of London

We stayed at home over the Christmas holidays this year, with friends and family popping in at regular intervals so stop us getting bored. Sometimes it takes a few weeks at home to really appreciate what you have on your doorstep. If you’ve read my blogs before you’ll know how much I love both my home town of Windsor, but also what I like to think of as my home city – London.

So because I won’t let the kids sit and watch TV/play on their computers all day (mean mother) I dragged us all off to London twice over the holidays. It never disappoints. It’s not so much the magic of the attractions we went to see (The London Dungeons and London zoo, both I can highly recommend) but the beauty in the city itself. Each time I go I see something new, or in a different light.

Take the London Eye. Our train arrives at Waterloo so it’s always the first ‘sight’ we see when we come out of the station. This time I caught it against a stunning blue sky. Then again at dusk, with the pretty lights all around.

IMG_0312 IMG_0320 IMG_0323

Big Ben and Westminster – common sights, but how majestic they looked in the early evening light.

IMG_0319 IMG_0322

Of course being over the Christmas holidays I saw many trees to add that extra sparkle – here Somerset House and Covent garden (which also had the reindeer!).

IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0328

It’s the time of year when many of us book our summer holidays, fed up with the rain and the dark skies. I’m no exception, but it’s important now and again to remember the simple delights closer to home.



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