What I learnt this week: 8th October 2020

When romance meets computer science…

Ever since I announced to my family that I wanted to write books – and not just any books, romance books – my sons have, frankly, taken the piss. They’ve been supportive too, but when you’re 13 and 15 and your mates find out your mum writes romantic fiction…yes, I can’t blame them for the ribbing. They received one heck of a lot at school over the years.

But an amazing thing happened this summer. My youngest, now 21 (gulp) and having just completed his second year of a computer science degree, designed a new, gorgeously pink, website for me.

Now, if you’re thinking mushy thoughts of mother and son working harmoniously together… stop now. I might have been the client, but my website designer had very strong views on what it was going to look like. I’m lucky I escaped with the pink…most of my other suggestions were shot down (rubbish, boring, doesn’t work, are you mad?).

How can I complain though, when he came up with this? I even have a logo, and a photo against a background of my books.

The moral of this tale is that mums do know best, but there are very specific occasions when sons know better.

A Little Christmas Hope is published

You may remember from my last blog this is one I’ve self-published, so I was relieved when it successfully made it onto the Kindles of those who had pre-ordered on its publication day (October 1st). If you’re interested in reading about what happens when bad boy actor Dan Ramsey (in desperate need of cleaning up his image) and new head teacher Anna Dalton (in desperate need of a less excruciating dull play than last year) work together on a Christmas nativity, here’s the link

Three more books with One More Chapter

The other exciting thing to happen to me this month has been receiving another three book contract from One More Chapter. I’ve loved working with them on the last three books and can’t wait to see another three published with them in 2021/2022. I’ve even finished the first draft of book number four … but I’ll save that for the next blog. Always keep your audience wanting more 🙂



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