What I’ve learnt this week: 20th February

1)   Curling is a crazy sport – but I seem to be addicted. Who would have thought it could be exciting to watch someone slide a granite stone (rock) across ice (curling sheet!) towards a target (house?!). Even more ridiculous when you watch the guys sweeping the way for the stone. Apparently this sweeping can influence not only how far the rock goes, but how much it curls. Sweep early and you make it go further and with less curl. It’s all about the speed and pressure of the brush and knowing when to sweep.  Much the same as clearing leaves off my drive then.

2)   No matter how much I reduce the spice content of a recipe, I still receive complaints of burning mouths and swollen tongues from my family. I halved the madras curry paste quantity.  What a bunch of babies. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have added that extra tablespoon at the end because I thought it was a bit anaemic.

3)   Sunlight is good for you. Actually I already knew that, but my boys think I’m making it up when I tell them they need to get out in the fresh air and sun.  So this weekend, before dragging them out for a walk, I looked up some facts for them.  It’s not all about the production of Vitamin D, which is definitely a benefit –  at least 1,000 different genes governing virtually every tissue in the body are now thought to be regulated by the active form of Vitamin D. Ultraviolet light also releases a compound that reduces blood pressure. So getting out in the sun can provide cardiovascular benefits, too. Then of course there’s the benefit on our mood, governed by melatonin rhythms and serotonin production.  Of course they still moaned when we went out – but they were much happier when we arrived home 🙂

4)   On ebay you can buy virtually anything – this we know – but did you know that included positive pregnancy tests?!  For just under £5 you can tick your partner into thinking you’re pregnant.  Umm…why?


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