What I’ve learnt this week: 27th February 2014

1)   Mine is not the only house with crazy house rules – listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2 made me aware there are many others out there.  My favourite was:  if it’s not on the calendar, it isn’t happening.  Our most recent rule came into force when we bought a glass table.  Looks fantastic – when it’s just been cleaned.  So now we have a rule – he (I should say or she here, but frankly it’s never me!) who makes the most mess, wipes the table.

2)   In Switzerland it’s illegal to own only one guinea-pig.  Apparently you have to give them a companion (and no, you the human being doesn’t count).  Also, depending where you live, it could be prohibited for a man to go to the toilet standing up after 10pm at night.  Or to flush the toilet afterwards.  Perhaps it’s all that chocolate, and having to get everywhere on time, that makes the Swiss a bit crazy!  (To my Swiss friends – craziness is good.  The British love a bit of crazy).

3)   The amount of time I spend preparing a meal is inversely proportional to the level of enjoyment my family experience on eating it.  I slaved over the stove for hours (okay half an hour) on a prawn curry and they hated it.  The following day I put oven chips and Birds Eye battered fish on their plates and they wolfed it down.

4)   The prospect of a grand prix round the streets of London has taken a step forward this week.  It would mean the drivers racing down The Mall, past Buckingham Palace and Parliament Square.  Wow.  Jenson – I hope to see you there soon.


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